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GSCA Hall Of Fame

To continue the tradition of recognizing GSCA members for their outstanding contributions to Sporting Clays and related shotgun sports in the State of Georgia.

GSCA previously established The GSCA Sportsman & Sportswoman of the Year Awards to recognize outstanding achievement and contributions to standard gauge and sub-gauge sporting clays and related shotgun sports. This awards program was financially supported by an annual event known as The Dons’ Shoot, in memory of Mssrs. Don Crenshaw and Don Chapman. The two Dons embodied the highest standards of good sportsmanship, fair and honest competition, and respect for their fellow shooters. Their love of sporting clays, and in the case of Don Chapman, his sub-gauge (.410) shotguns, was widely known. These two men "set the example" and were the gentlemen of Georgia sporting clays.

In order to maintain the prestige and high standards of this GSCA award, it was recognized that a change in format was required. This document establishes the protocol to be followed going forward for the induction of men and women into The Dons’ Hall Of Fame. Past Sportsman & Sportswoman Of The Year recipients will be automatically included in The Dons’ Hall Of Fame.

In 2008, the name Dons' Hall of Fame was changed to the GSCA Hall of Fame.

The president of GSCA shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three (3) members, at least one of which shall be a GSCA Board member. The nominating committee shall be chaired by a GSCA Board member, designated by the president. The nominating committee (NC) may accept nominations from the general membership throughout the year. The NC shall meet at least once ninety (90) days prior to the State Championships to review and consider nominations from the general membership and to review the accomplishments and contributions of members and make nominations, as appropriate.

To qualify for a nomination to the Hall Of Fame, a candidate must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be a Georgia resident and GSCA member for at least five (5) years.
  • Must be a regular competitor, or a recreational shooter, who actively participates in the sport each year.
  • Must possess an outstanding record of accomplishment and/or service to the sporting clays community.
  • Must demonstrate a history of promoting sporting clays and encouraging new shooters.
  • Must exhibit the attributes embodied in the Dons.

Nominations shall be submitted in writing and shall include a detailed biography outlining the candidate’s record of accomplishments, achievements and service. NC activities shall be considered strictly confidential and are subject to review only by the GSCA president. All nominations shall be reviewed by the NC. The NC may accept, reject or defer any nomination as the committee sees fit. The NC may take into consideration other factors relative to a candidates qualifications and achievements that may be so compelling that certain requirements delineated herein become mute. The NC shall present nominations to the GSCA Board. Nominees must receive a two-thirds vote of the full Board for induction into The Hall Of Fame.

All inductees shall be presented to the general membership at a ceremony during the annual meeting.

Inductees shall have their name and year of selection engraved on a common plaque displayed at the GSCA Hall of Fame host club. Inductees shall also receive a personal plaque commemorating the occasion and an appropriate gift in recognition of their induction into the Hall Of Fame.

Additional Responsibilities:
In addition to the responsibilities delineated above, the NC shall organize and oversee the Annual Hall of Fame Shoot. GSCA shall provide the trophies for this shoot. The NC shall also obtain sponsors for the Annual Hall of Fame Shoot, as appropriate.


GSCA Hall of Fame Members

2020 Dale Bouchillon


Melanie Parker


Jimmy Warren


Kevin De Michiel

Larry Farrow


Todd Simmons


Dennis Sweat


Percy Newton Gary Pyron


Beverly Cole
Malcolm Parker

Gene Oviatt
Vince McGreggor


Randy Ryan Alex Sumner


Dr. Sammy McFaddin


Ronnie Cail


Gale Davis


Robbie Purser Bert Schmitz


None Selected


John Letsinger


Ernie Wilkins Dick Phillips


Casey Atkinson Peter Crabtree


Troy Peak Cindy Graham


Wendy Crabtree Tim Bastyr


Glover Housman Cindy Noyes


John Letsinger Service Award


None Selected


Edwin Purcell


None Selected


Roni Murray


None Selected


Dr. Sammy Mc Faddin


Dennis Sweat


Dennis Sweat


Jeff Mitchell


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