Non-Registered Club Events

Non-Registered Club Events

Non-Registered Shoots and Other Club Events

GSCA club’s list of local events, announcements, charity shoots, special deals, non-registered, etc.
The Shoots listed below are not NSCA registered shoots!

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February 2024 – Non-Registered Events
February 3Gator Creek Sporting ClaysHelena2024 SCTP Team FundraiserEvent Details
February 3Old Hudson PlantationSpartaGatewood Shotgun FundraiserScore Chaser
February 16Meadows Clay SportsForsythThe Bull ShootEvent Details
February 24Old Hudson PlantationSparta8th Annual Shoot for SethEvent Details
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FebruaryCherokee RoseGriffinMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
March 2024 – Non-Registered Events
March 9 Gator Creek Sporting Clays Helena Sapp Memorial Shoot Benefiting Bleckley Co. Sportsman Club Event Details
March 23 Big Red Oak Plantation Gay SCTP Sporting Bonanza Event Details
December 2023 – Non-Registered Events
DecemberOld Hudson PlantationSpartaWeekly NewsletterNewsletter
DecemberCherokee RoseGriffinMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
DecemberGarland MountainWaleskaMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
DecemberMeadows Clay SportsForsythMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
DecemberBig Red OakGayMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
March 2023 – Non-Registered Events
Mar 9-11,
Old HudsonSparta5th Annual Side by Side Shoot 2023Score Chaser
February 2023 – Non-Registered Events
Feb 13-15,
BSG at Barnsley ResortAdairsvilleTarget Setting Clinic by Mike McAlpineInfo
Feb 17-19,
Old HudsonSpartaLevel I Instructor ClassInfo & Registration
Feb 25,
Old HudsonSpartaShoot for SethProgram
January 2023 – Non-Registered Events
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JanuaryCherokee RoseGriffinCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
JanuaryGarland MountainWaleskaCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
JanuaryMeadows Clay SportsForsythCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
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January 2024 – Non-Registered Events
January 20 Meadows Clay Sports Forsyth 2nd Annual Rabbit Shoot – Tattnall County Fundraiser Score Chaser
January 27 Meadows Clay Sports Forsyth Emanuel’s Powder and Pellets Fundraiser Score Chaser
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November 2023 – Non-Registered Events
November 11Flint Skeet & Trap ClubAlbany2023 Sportsmans ChallengeEvent Details
NovemberOld Hudson PlantationSpartaWeekly NewsletterNewsletter
NovemberCherokee RoseGriffinMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
NovemberGarland MountainWaleskaMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
NovemberMeadows Clay SportsForsythMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
NovemberBig Red OakGayMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
October 2023 – Non-Registered Events
Oct. 1Big Red OakGayAuburn University Shotgun Team FundraiserEvent Details
Oct. 4-15Big Red OakGayPMS Firearms: Stop-Over & On-Site GunsmithingRead Details
Oct. 6-7Meadows Gun ClubForsyth18th Annual RMHC Central Georgia Sporting Clays TournamentEvent Details
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OctoberCherokee RoseGriffinMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
OctoberGarland MountainWaleskaMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
OctoberOld Hudson PlantationSpartaWeekly NewsletterNewsletter
OctoberMeadows Clay SportsForsythMonthly NewsletterNewsletter
September 2023 – Non-Registered Events
September 3 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Labor Day Triples Shoot Event Details
September 9 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Lady’s Day $75 Event Details
September 22 Meadows Gun Club Forsyth Wesley Glen Ministries Sporting Clays Tournament Event Details
September 30 Gator Creek Sporting Clays Helena Clays For A Cause Event Details
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September Cherokee Rose Griffin Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
September Garland Mountain Waleska Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
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August 2023 – Non-Registered Events
Aug 19 Big Red Oak Gay Shoot For A Cure Event Details
Aug 26 Gator Creek Sporting Clays Helena Wayne Sapp Memorial Tournament / Dove Season Warm Up Event Details
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August Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Weekly Newsletter Newsletter
August Garland Mountain Waleska Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
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August Cherokee Rose Griffin Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
July 2023 – Non-Registered Events
July 8 Gator Creek Sporting Clays Helena Gator Creek Classic Event Details
July 29 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Golden Fleece Lodge No. 6 Shooting Challenge Benefit Event Details
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July Big Red Oak Gay Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
July Cherokee Rose Griffin Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
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May 2023 – Non-Registered Events
May Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Current Weekly Newsletter Newsletter
May Big Red Oak Gay Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
May Cherokee Rose Griffin Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
May Garland Mountain Waleska Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
May Meadows Clay Sports Forsyth Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
May 13 Gator Creek Sporting Clays Helena The Rescue Ranch Shoot – Clays for Spays View Details
June 2023 – Non-Registered Events
JuneOld Hudson PlantationSpartaCurrent Weekly NewsletterNewsletter
JuneBig Red OakGayCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
JuneCherokee RoseGriffinCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
JuneGarland MountainWaleskaCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
JuneMeadows Clay SportsForsythCurrent Monthly NewsletterNewsletter
June 17Meadows Clay SportsForsythFather’s Day ShootView Details
June 17Gator Creek Sporting ClaysHelenaBleckley Co. Shotgun Team BenefitView Details
Garland Mountain Sporting Clays

Message From Garland Mountain:

As promised, I want to provide everyone with an update on our ongoing progress. On December 12th we submitted our plan for the conversion of the cart barn to Cherokee County for necessary permits. We are still waiting for permit approvals. Upon approval of the permits, our contractor will quickly begin the conversion, a process estimated to span 12-15 weeks. Following its completion, we eagerly anticipate reopening our doors, aiming to resume operations as usual, albeit without the restaurant.
During this period, we’ll utilize the newly transformed 3000 sq ft cart barn as we start reconstruction of the new lodge. New Lodge Plan: Although the loss of our lodge in a devastating fire is undeniably tragic, there is a silver lining in the opportunity to enhance our offerings with the wealth of experience gained over the past eight years in business. We are committed to leveraging this knowledge to significantly improve the overall experience for our valued customers. For the creation of our new lodge, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Design Architect and Planner, Cannon Reynolds, the person responsible for the design and planning of the original lodge. Currently in the design phase, our goal is to reconstruct a facility that maintains an intimate atmosphere. Recognizing the significance of customer-front desk interaction, we are committed to preserving the welcoming experience. Many customers have expressed their appreciation for being greeted by name upon entering the lodge, and we intend to uphold this tradition.
To foster such interactions, our new layout will consist of three distinct structures: Structure One: This component will house our check-in area and seating lounge, serving as the focal point for customer arrivals. The space will feature our check-in counter, pro-shop, large fireplace, and a comfortable lounge area for customers to relax while coordinating with their group. Structure Two: In this designated space, we will introduce our stand-alone restaurant. Drawing from past experiences, our restaurant often faced challenges in accommodating event attendees, leading to difficulties in providing adequate seating and attention to customers not partaking in the event. With the introduction of a stand-alone restaurant, we aim to dedicate our seating area and servers exclusively to those within the restaurant, while our events will be hosted in a separate building. The new restaurant will boast a state-of-the-art kitchen equipped with ample space for dry storage, refrigeration, and work area. This kitchen will also cater to our adjacent event space. The dining area is designed to offer both generous indoor and outdoor seating, presenting customers with the picturesque mountain views they previously enjoyed. The space will be tastefully furnished, featuring a large fireplace in the dining room for added ambiance. Structure Three: This dedicated space is reserved for our events and has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall experience. The area features a spacious open layout that can be easily transformed into smaller sections using sliding doors. Positioned strategically, the space capitalizes on breathtaking long-range mountain views, adding an extra layer of allure for event organizers looking to leave a lasting impression on their attendees. Notably, Garland Mountain has been a host to numerous weddings each year. One recurring challenge was the swift conversion of our lodge, typically used for daily business, into a wedding venue within a tight timeframe. With the introduction of this dedicated events space, this challenge is effectively eliminated, providing a seamless and exclusive area for all events, including weddings. Lawn Area: In addition to structural enhancements, we are making a substantial investment in the landscaping of our lawn area. Historically, our lawn has been a cherished space where diners relish the mountain air and views, children freely play, and customers delight in lawn games, a firepit, and comfortable seating to unwind while gazing at the mountain scenery. Our intention is to continue utilizing this space as before, but with noteworthy improvements in landscaping, ensuring an even more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience for our valued customers.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our customers for their patience as we work diligently to recreate an environment that will be enjoyed by all. Your understanding and support mean the world to us, and we look forward to welcoming you to an even more exceptional experience in the near future. Thank you for being a valued part of our community. 

We are committed to keeping everyone informed through Facebook updates and our monthly newsletter. For those interested, you can sign up for our newsletter at

For any questions or to reach out to us, please email us via our website or by emailing us at

Jack Chevalier – Garland Mountain