Constitution And By-Laws

Constitution And By-Laws



The name of the organization shall be the GEORGIA SPORTING CLAYS ASSOCIATION (hereafter referred to as “GSCA”).


The purpose of the GSCA shall be as follows: To promote and encourage organized sporting clays shooting among the residents of the State of Georgia; and To encourage residents of other states to shoot sporting clays at Georgia ranges/clubs; and to enhance GSCA members’ knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improve shotgun marksmanship; and To further the development of those characteristics of honesty, fellowship, self discipline, team play and self- reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism; and To assist Georgia sporting clays Clubs in maintaining financial integrity.


The elected officers of the GSCA shall be the President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. The terms of the officers shall be three years.


President: The President shall preside at all Board of Directors meetings of the GSCA. The President is empowered to execute all contracts and legal instruments, and have general charge and supervision of all affairs of the GSCA. The president shall be a member of all standing and special committees. The President shall prepare and present to the general membership an annual report delineating the accomplishments, activities, and general condition of GSCA.
The president may select and appoint committee chairman and ad hoc non-voting Board members from the general membership as may be appropriate to undertake the business requirements and obligations of GSCA.

Vice-President: The Vice President shall have the responsibility for the general promotion of clay target shooting. He/she shall aid any new group in the organization of any clay shooting club under the auspices of the GSCA. The vice-president shall preside at Board meetings in the absence of the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the event of the resignation, death, or disability of the president.

Secretary-Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer shall record and maintain all minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, special meetings and annual meetings of the GSCA. He/she shall assist the president and perform such other duties as the President may require. As Treasurer he/she shall be the custodian of all moneys, trophies, securities and vouchers of the GSCA, and shall collect all funds due, issue payment for all accounts payable, and preserve the receipts for all funds paid out. He/she is authorized to receive all funds due the GSCA and to place such funds in any bank or banks, as the Secretary-Treasurer shall deem appropriate.
A detailed report of all funds received and distributed by the Secretary-Treasurer shall be made at the Annual Meeting. As treasurer, he/she shall maintain all financial records in a form consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice-president, Secretary-Treasurer, three (3) club representatives and three (3) at large representatives as described below. All members of the Board of Directors must be members of the National Sporting Clays Association, and have been a resident of Georgia for at least one year prior to the date of the election.

A) All individual GSCA members may vote for one candidate in each of the three categories (Officer, Club Representative, and At-Large Representative) each year during the election process. The Candidate receiving the most votes in each respective category shall be the elected representative of that category.

B) The Club Representative elected to the Board of Directors each year shall be a representative of a club which throws NSCA registered targets. The club must therefore be a member of NSCA and GSCA.

C) Each elected member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote at all meetings of the Board of Directors, the Annual State Association meeting and any special meetings.

D) The Board of Directors shall have the authority to set fines and sanctions for not complying with the rules and regulations of the GSCA.

E) The Board of Directors from time to time will set the rules of competition of tournaments held in Georgia, commensurate with published NSCA Rules.

F) The Board of Directors shall be authorized to adopt rules, procedures and penalties regarding unsportsmanlike conduct or repeated rule infractions by any range/club or individual.

G) The terms of Directors shall be three years, effective after the results of the election are announced. Board members shall serve consecutive terms, so that no more than three Directors shall conclude their terms of service at the end of each election period.

H) The President can conduct meetings by electronic communications provided a quorum takes action.

I) Any member of the Board of Directors may be represented by written proxy in the event he/she is unable to attend any regular or special meeting. The GSCA President may secure a vote on any resolution pertaining to GSCA business, except amendment (s) to the Constitution and By-Laws, by electronics communication, or by sending a registered letter ballot on the subject to be voted on. A vote on such matters shall be counted within ten (10) days after notice by electronic communication, or the date such letter ballot has was mailed. The secretary-treasurer shall be responsible for tallying ballots. At such time, all members of the Board of Directors shall be notified of the results of any such action voted on.

J) Elected GSCA Officers and Directors shall execute their respective responsibilities without remuneration. Elected Officers and Directors shall not accept compensation in any form nor shall they benefit materially from their service to the Board.

K) Board members may be reimbursed for actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred while engaging in GSCA business and as authorized and approved by the president.

L) Where advantageous and in the best interests of GSCA, GSCA may contract with Board members and General members for required products and services.


Upon application, payment of the prescribed dues and subsequent vote by the Board of Directors, the GSCA shall accept for membership any organization whose goals and purposes are consistent with goals and purposes of the GSCA as a member club. It is expected that all member clubs shall have the means to communicate via the Internet and E-mail.


Any NSCA member who is a resident of the State of Georgia shall be a member of the GSCA. Any member in good standing shall have the privilege of discussing or speaking on any subject at the annual meeting, regular Board of Directors meetings, or special meetings of the GSCA and is entitled to one (1) vote for the election of officers and directors at large.


Individual membership, club dues and any other fees shall be set by the Board of Directors from time to time. Dues and Fees shall be used to pay for: 1) essential GSCA business obligations, or 2) donations directly related to the promotion and growth of Georgia based sporting clays participation as defined in Article II, or 3) Social events held for registered shooters during the annual Georgia State Championship or similar participant-sized registered events, or 4) gifts to ALL main event participants of the annual Georgia State Championship, or 5) prize drawings, open to ALL registered shooters, at large GSCA sponsored events.

The GSCA Board of Directors shall establish and maintain an association continuity fund of no less than $30,000. The purpose of this fund is to serve as financial coverage for unforeseen liabilities, litigation, expenses, or loss to the GSCA. At conclusion of the Association’s fiscal year, defined as the date of the Georgia State Championship, available funds (over and above the association continuity fund and outstanding expenditures) shall be allocated to a Milestone Anniversary fund. Milestone anniversary is defined as 5th year anniversary cycle of GSCA’s organization beginning with the 35th Annual Georgia State Championship in 2027.

Upon GSCA reaching a milestone year, all funds held within the Milestone Anniversary fund shall be spent on shoot benefits equally to ALL main event participants of the milestone Georgia State Championship.

During the GSCA Annual Meeting the Secretary-Treasurer shall report, to the GSCA membership, the amounts of both funds during the financial summary.

Mandatory Three Person Squad
“Beginning June 1, 2022, all shooter squads will be required to have a minimum of three NSCA registered shooters at all score your own tournaments (tournaments without trappers) in the state of Georgia. Scoring at these events will be conducted by a disinterested third party. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from the event, probation, and/or suspension/expulsion of privileges.”


Immediately following the Georgia Annual State Championship, the President shall appoint a committee of five members in good standing and GSCA directors, who, with the GSCA officers, shall serve as the Annual State Championship Committee. This Committee shall be responsible for organizing and executing the Georgia Annual State Championship. The president may elect to delegate chairmanship of the committee.

At least eighteen (18) months prior to the date of the Georgia Annual State Championship, the president shall contact all member clubs to determine which clubs desire to submit a proposal to host the State Championship.

At least fifteen (15) months prior to the date of the Georgia Annual State Championship, the then sitting committee shall prepare and present a Request for Proposal to all the member clubs who have expressed an interest in hosting the next Georgia Annual State Championship. The interested clubs shall be given thirty days (30) to prepare and submit their respective proposal. GSCA reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal as deemed in the best interests of GSCA and its members. Should GSCA not receive any proposals, or not receive any proposals that meet the quality, cost and substantive requirements desired by GSCA, GSCA may chose to select and negotiate an agreement with any member club, in the best interests of GSCA and its members.


GSCA may undertake whatever scope of work it is capable of executing, or contract all aspects of the championship to a member club. GSCA shall provide an agreement between the host club and GSCA which will delineate the specific scope of work, responsibilities and obligations, terms and conditions, and all other aspects of the championship.
The selection of the host club will be made by the Board of Directors by vote. Criteria for selection of the most favorable proposal will be established by the shoot committee. Announcement of the next year’s State Shoot will be made at the current year’s annual meeting, providing an agreement has been executed between the parties. The committee may modify the timetable from time to time depending on the current situation and conditions known to the committee.


Any member club desiring to register a tournament with NSCA shall request approval of the desired tournament date(s) by the President of the GSCA in order to avoid conflicts with other member clubs, and to assure that the date of said tournament may be recorded by the Secretary-Treasurer and that the records of the GSCA are kept current.. The president of the GSCA shall request a registered tournament number from NSCA once all GSCA and NSCA annual dues are paid by the respective club(s).

The procedure for annual registration of scheduled tournaments is as follows: Any club in good standing desiring to host a sanctioned tournament, shall make its application to the President of the GSCA on a date designated by the president as the Annual Shoot Registration Date. Application shall be made by completing the NSCA Application For Registered Tournaments Form and may be submitted either by E-mail or surface mail.

The Annual Shoot Registration Date shall be chosen so as to assure that all tournament dates will be approved in a timely manner, tournament numbers are assigned, and tournaments are published in the NSCA magazine and listed on the NSCA website. The application shall include the desired dates (as 3rd Saturday in May, for example, and the date of the month in order to provide repeatable dates year over year).

Selection of shoot dates will consider the previous year’s schedule, with clubs having first choice of their respective traditional shoot dates. A GSCA “Traditional Shoot Date” is defined as a date selected by a member club to host a GSCA sanctioned event on the date which they held a GSCA sanctioned event during the previous season. A club shall be able to keep a traditional shoot date from year to year. The Board of Directors reserves the right to limit the number of traditional shoot dates a club may have.
The President shall attempt to resolve any conflicts in scheduling dates. Any unresolved conflicts will be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors based on the best interest of the GSCA. If a range/club chooses a shoot date and then cancels that shoot, notification to GSCA and NSCA is required. It is the sole responsibility of the host club to notify GSCA, NSCA, and the shooters that the tournament has been canceled. Any club which fails to hold a shoot on a scheduled date for reasons other than provident cause loses that date. Any issue regarding provident cause will be decided by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

As part of the scheduling process, two registered shoots may be held on the same date if:
1) The club first scheduling the date in question agrees in writing to share the scheduled tournament date, or 2) no conflict shall exist if the clubs in question are 100 or more statute air miles apart. However, after the announcement of the annual shoot schedule, no club may schedule a shoot date where another club has a scheduled that date, without the written consent of the host club. Such written consent may be by E-mail. A club may request to be assigned any vacant date at any time. If a club should cease operation, or cancel any shoot, the President shall promptly notify all other clubs. The date(s) for the current year will be assigned to the first club applying for said vacant date(s). The date shall be permanently assigned as set forth in the above paragraphs.


The Annual Meeting of the GSCA shall be held during the Annual Georgia State Championship. Notice of said Annual Meeting shall be printed in the Annual Georgia State Championship Program. Special meetings of the GSCA may be called at any time by the President or upon written request to the President by any two (2) members of the Board of Directors. Notice of any special meeting and the purpose thereof shall be sent out by the President or Secretary-Treasurer of the GSCA to the GSCA officers, directors and a representative of each member club in good standing. Notice shall be by electronic communication at the club’s last known E-mail address at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date fixed for such meeting. No business shall be transacted except as specified in the notice.


A quorum for the transaction of all business at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors shall constitute a majority of the Directors and Officers of the GSCA.


The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended as follows: The proposed amendment(s) shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the GSCA at least 30 days prior to the Annual State Meeting or Special Meeting. The Board of Directors shall consider the proposed amendment(s). If the proposed amendment(s) is/are adopted by a majority of the Board of Directors, it will be published in the newsletter at least fifteen (15) days before the Annual State Meeting or special meeting.

The proposed amendment(s) will be presented to the membership at the Annual State Meeting or special meeting and a majority vote of the members voting will govern the decision to pass or defeat the proposed amendment(s). Any officer or director may be removed from office by a resolution submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer, which resolution will be submitted to the procedure set forth above, except that a special meeting shall be called by resolution of the board of directors, and the officer or director shall be removed upon adoption of the resolution to remove by a majority of the membership voting at the special meeting.


No later than ninety (90) days before the annual meeting in election years, the president of the GSCA shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of three (3) GSCA members in good standing and members of the Board of Directors. The nominating committee chairman shall be an elected member of the Board of Directors. It shall be the nominating committee’s responsibility to solicit nominations from the Board of Directors and general membership for GSCA officers and directors. An announcement of acceptance of nominations by the nominating committee shall be made to the general membership in the GSCA newsletter sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting. The nominating committee shall assure that candidates are qualified to stand for election (membership and residency requirements), and agree to serve if elected.

Nominations may be submitted by any GSCA member in good standing. Forty-Five (45) days prior to the annual meeting in election years, nominations shall be closed and the nominating committee shall provide a list of all candidates to the secretary-treasurer. The secretary-treasurer shall formulate and post a ballot on the GSCA website and in the GSCA newsletter thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. Members have fifteen (15) days from the date of posting to submit their ballot to the secretary-treasurer. All ballots must show the members NSCA number. Upon closing of voting, The secretary-treasurer shall tally all ballots and be prepared to announce and post election results at the annual meeting. Terms of new officers and directors will commence immediately upon the conclusion of the annual meeting.


It is recognized that the key to a vibrant and well informed Association is timely and accurate communications. GSCA shall utilize state-of-the art techniques to communicate with its members. Specifically, GSCA shall establish an Internet web site and will publish a newsletter via E-mail. Since special and unique skills are required to maintain a web site and publish a newsletter, The president shall appoint one or more qualified individuals to the Board as non-voting members of the Board of Directors to undertake these functions.

GSCA By-laws:​​

The By-Laws above were adopted unanimously by the members of the Georgia Sporting Clays Association on May 3, 2008 at the annual state meeting.

Changes:​ The By-Laws, Article V, paragraph H was changed by vote of the members at a Special Called meeting on March 19, 2011 at Cherokee Rose Sporting Clays. The change was to make the term of office three years and that no more than three Directors shall conclude their terms of service at the end of each election period. This change is effective beginning with the 2011 Board elections.

Changed: June 2016 to allow all GSCA members to vote for Club Representatives and outlines who is eligible to be a Club Representative.

Changed: June 2018 to reduce miles between clubs to 100.

Changed: June 2022 Article VIII to reflect growth and needs of the Association.