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January 18, 2023

2023 NSCA Registered Shoot

Garland Mountain
Waleska, GA
Friday-Saturday, January 20-21, 2023
Off With a Bang!


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All NSSA Crossfire members and Hunters are welcome at our registered NSCA events!

Non-Registered Events-----January 2023

21, Sa Meadows Clay Sports Forsyth All Rabbits Info
21, Sa Southwind Quitman Southwind Classic Score Chaser
January Big Red Oak Gay Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
January Cherokee Rose Griffin Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
January Garland Mountain Waleska Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
January Meadows Clay Sports Forsyth Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
January Pinetucky Augusta Current Monthly Newsletter Newsletter
Talk around GSCA 

●  Who Shot the 100/100  It happened last weekend at the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort on the Mine course and Chuck Cranford is the accomplished shooter who did it. Congrats, Chuck!

●  One Students Comments  Check out what one shooter comments are on the Level III course held last weekend at Old Hudson.  Sounds like fun and a lot of knowledge gained. Old Hudson holds these courses occasionally and many Georgia shooters have attended.
  You can find a list of all three levels of certified instructors here in Georgia and other states, too

●  2022 Nationals  Another well written story of the 2022 Nationals featuring people you might know.

  Moved but not Forgotten  Dennis Sweat who served many years on the GSCA Board of Directors has left Georgia and moved to Ocala, Florida. Dennis served on the Board of Directors as a Delegate from 2003 to 2007 when he was elected Vice President.
  He assumed the position as President in 2009 and served until 2010. Dennis is also in the GSCA Hall of Fame and was a NSCA National Delegate in 2013-14.. He has competed in numerous tournaments around the country and is well known to shooters and clubs in Georgia. Good luck Dennis, in your new home state.

●  All Rabbits  Don't forget the 100 target All Rabbits non-registered shoot on Saturday at the Meadows Clay Sorts near Forsyth, GA, It's your time to have fun, practice on a lot of rabbit targets and support a good organization.

 Regards, John

John F. Letsinger


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