The Board of Directors and the GSCA Webmaster are frequently asked how to join the Georgia Sporting Clays Association so that the shooter can shoot registered targets.  The good news is that the Georgia Sporting Clays Association does not maintain a membership list and does not charge any kind of annual dues.

  To shoot registered targets, you simply join the National Sporting Clays Association either online or at a registered shoot. The dues are based on the type of membership you select and for the number of years.  If you are currently a National Skeet Shooting Association member you can shoot in the Crossfire program without paying additional National Sporting Clays Association annual dues.

  You may also join the National Sporting Clays Association for 1 year for free! To qualify, you must not have shot any registered targets in the National Skeet Shooting Association or the National Sporting Clays Association.  You must sign up for this program which is named the Complimentary Limited Membership at a registered sporting clays tournament. You then must shoot the tournament. You cannot sign up online for the Complimentary Limited Membership.
  Still another program is the Bonus Bucks program. Sign up a new member and receive $15 in Bonus Bucks.

    You may wonder how the Georgia Sporting Clays Association can profitably run without any dues.  It is a pretty simple answer as we charge 3 cents to you for every registered target you shoot and that is collected when you register at the shoot.  The National Sporting Clays Association also charges 4 cents per registered target.

  When you register for the National Sporting Clays Association, you will be asked various questions and specifically if you have ever shot registered targets in another shotgun shooting organization, such as Amateur Trapshooting Association or the National Skeet Shooting Association.  Whether you have or not will determine your starting class in the National Sporting Clays Association.

  If you need additional information, contact you nearest Georgia Sporting Clays Association Club or e-mail the Webmaster. Good Shooting!


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