Georgia Sporting Clays Association 2015 Schedule

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NSCA Shoot Results from 2001-2015

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Last Updated: August 03, 2015 10:52 AM

August 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Aug 01 Southwind Valdosta Super Sporting Heat Wave  542396 Results
Sa Aug 01 Cherokee Rose Griffin August Warm-Up 541964


We-Su Aug 5-9 Big Red Oak Gay

Southeast Regional Championships and PSCA Tour Event

541947 Program


PSCA Registration


Sa, Aug 08 Elbert County Elberton Big Bird Bang 541935 Program
Sa, Aug 08 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Dog Days of Summer Shoot 542385 Program


Sa, Aug 08 Okefenokee Folkston Heat Wave Shoot 542206 Program
Sa Aug 15 The Meadows Forsyth

Rooster Shoot

542035 Program
Sa, Aug 22 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Dove Warm-Up 541983  
Sa, Aug 22 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Summer's Last Shoot 542218 Program


Sa, Aug 22 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Heat 542359  
Sa, Aug 29 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Dog Days Shoot 541952  
Su, Aug 30 Olympia Bend Valdosta True Pair Sunday! 542360  

September 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Sep 05 Cherokee Rose Griffin

September Registered Shoot

Sa, Sep 12 Okefenokee Folkston Hunting Season Opener 542208  
Fr-Su, Sep 18-20 Big Red Oak Gay

 Georgia Cup--

  FITASC in the Field

541948 Program


Sa, Sep 19 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Welcome Fall Shoot 541984  
Sa, Sep 19 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville End of Summer Shoot 542387  
Sa, Sep 19 Forest City Savannah Registered Shoot 541941  
Sa, Sep 26 Olympia Bend Valdosta Saturday 200 542361  
Sa, Sep 26 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany

Registered Shoot

Sa, Sep 26 The Meadows Forsyth

Ronald McDonald House Shoot

542036 Program
Su, Sep 27 Southwind Valdosta Fall Fun 542398  

October 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Oct 03 Cherokee Rose Griffin October Registered Shoot 541966  
Su, Oct 04 Olympia Bend Valdosta True Pair Sunday 542362  
Sa, Oct 10 Big Red Oak Gay Wild Game Cook-out and Sporting Clays 541949  
Sa, Oct 10 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Autumn Shoot 541985  
Sa, Oct 17 The Meadows Forsyth

Fall Shoot

Sa, Oct 17 Forest City Savannah Nationals Warm-Up 541942  
Sa, Oct 17 Olympia Bend Valdosta Coyote Open 542363  
Sa, Oct 17 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville October Fun Shoot 542388  
Oct 18-24, 2015 National Shooting Complex San Antonio, TX

2015 National Championships

540616 Registration Info

Winscore Registration


Sa, Oct 31 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Harvest Invitational 541954  
Sa, Oct 31 Cherokee Rose Griffin November Registered Shoot 541967  

November 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Nov 07 The Meadows Forsyth

15th Annual GSCA Hall of Fame Shoot

Sa, Nov 14 Elbert County Elberton Turkey Trot 541936  
Sa, Nov 14 Olympia Bend Valdosta Duck Season Warm-Up 542365  
Sa, Nov 21 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Gobbler Shoot 542220  
Sa, Nov 21 Forest City Savannah Thanksgiving Shoot Out 541943  
Su, Nov 29 Olympia Bend Valdosta Cold is Here! 542366  

December 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Dec 05 Olympia Bend Valdosta December Open 542368  
Sa, Dec 05 Cherokee Rose Griffin December Registered Tournament 541968  
Su, Dec 06 The Meadows Forsyth Registered Shoot 542565  
Su, Dec 13 Olympia Bend Valdosta NSCA Season Closer 542369  
Sa, Dec 19     Open Date    
Sa, Dec 26     Open Date    

January 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jan 03 Okefenokee Folkston Winter Open 542479  
Sa, Jan 03 Foxhall Resort Douglasville New Year New Gear 542211  
Sa, Jan 10 Olympia Bend Valdosta NSCA Season Opener 542348  
Su, Jan 11 The Meadows Forsyth Winter Fun Shoot 542029  
Sa, Jan 17 Cherokee Rose Griffin Winter Blast 541955  
Mo, Jan 19 Floyd County Rome Monday Kick-Off 541975  
Sa, Jan 24 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville January Thaw Clays Shoot 542372  
Su, Jan 25 Olympia Bend Valdosta Blast the Cold! 542349  
Sa, Jan 31 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Wintertime Shoot 541978  

February 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Feb 07 The Meadows Forsyth Valentine Fun Shoot 542030  
Sa, Feb 07 Okefenokee Folkston Winter Open 542197  
Sa, Feb 07 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville February Made Me Shiver Shoot 542373  
Su, Feb 08 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Foxhall Winter Shoot 542213  
Sa, Feb 14 Olympia Bend Valdosta The Road South 542351  
Sa, Feb 14 Cherokee Rose Griffin Cupid Come Back 541956 Cancelled
Sa, Feb 21 Elbert County Elberton Cabin Fever Break-Out 541931  
Sa, Feb 28 Forest City Savannah Seminole Warm-up 541938  
Sa, Feb 28 The Meadows Forsyth Seminole Cup Warm-Up 542031  
Sa, Feb 28 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Waiting for Spring Shoot 542376  

March 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Tu-Su Mar 3-8 Broadfield Sporting Club Woodbine

Sa, Mar 07 Elbert County Elberton NWTF Pre-Season Clays 541932  
Sa, Mar 07 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Spring Days Broken Clays 542214  
Sa, Mar 14 Okefenokee Folkston Turkey Season Opener 542201  
Sa, Mar 14 Cherokee Rose Griffin Anniversary Blast   541957  
Sa, Mar 14 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany 2015 Spring Shoot 541950  
Su, Mar 15 Olympia Bend Valdosta Seminole Cup Cool Down 542352  
Sa, Mar 21 Floyd County Rome North Georgia Challenge 541976  
Sa, Mar 21 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta March Madness 541979  
Sa, Mar 21 Forest City Savannah St. Patty's Blast 541939  
Sa, Mar 28 BayGall Garfield Shootin' the Breeze at BayGall 541930  
Sa, Mar 28 Big Red Oak Gay Spring Bird Blast 541944  
Su, Mar 29 Cherokee Rose Griffin Spring Fling 541958 Cancelled

April 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Apr 04 The Meadows Forsyth Relay For Life Sporting Clays Challenge 542032  
Sa, Apr 04 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville April Fun Shoot 542378  
Sa, Apr 11 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shootout 542353  
Sa, Apr 11 Big Red Oak Gay Quail Season Closer  541945  
Sa-Su Apr 11-12 Forest City Savannah SCTP Southeast Regional (Closed Shoot) 542689  
Sa, Apr 18 Cherokee Rose Griffin April Registered Shoot 541959  
Sa, Apr 18 Forest City Savannah April Showers 541940  
Sa, Apr 25 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta April Spring Shoot 541980  
Sa, Apr 25 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Foxhall Invitational 542215  
Sa, Apr 25 Southwind Valdosta On the Way to State 542391  
Su, Apr 26 Olympia Bend Valdosta State Shoot Prep 542354  

May 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa- May 02 Okefenokee Folkston Registered Shoot 542350  
Sa, May 02 Elbert County Elberton Spring Challenge 541933  
Sa, May 09 The Meadows Forsyth 7th Annual Peter Crabtree and "Bud" Memorial Shoot 542033  
Sa, May 09 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Lily Pond Rd Shoot 541951  
Sa, May 09 Olympia Bend Valdosta May Heat 542355  
Sa, May 16 Southwind Valdosta May Clayz 542393  
Sa, May 16 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta May Shoot 541981  
Sa, May 23 Cherokee Rose Griffin May Registered Shoot 541960  
Sa, May 23 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Memorial Weekend Shoot 542380  
Sa. May 30 Floyd County Rome Legend Hollow 200 542489  
Su, May 31 Olympia Bend Valdosta Sunday 100 542356  

June 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jun 06 Southwind Valdosta Sandy Road Shoot 542394  
Sa, Jun 06 Cherokee Rose Griffin

June Registered Shoot

Sa, Jun 13 The Meadows Forsyth State Shoot Warm-Up  542034  
Sa, Jun 13 Elbert County Elberton Georgia State Shoot Warm-Up 541934  
Sa, Jun 13 Olympia Bend Valdosta 200 Target Registered Shoot 542357  
Su, Jun 14 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Warm Up to Win 542221  
Sa-Su Jun 13-14 Forest City Savannah GA State SCTP Championship (Closed Shoot) 542690 Results
We-Su Jun 17-21 Big Red Oak Gay 2015 Georgia State Championships &
North American FITASC Championships
Sa, Jun 27 Elbert County Elberton Turkey Shoot Warm-up 541937  
Sa, Jun 27 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville June Fun Shoot 542381  
Mo-Su Jun 22-28 Northbrook Sports Club Hainesville, IL


July 2015

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jul 04 Cherokee Rose Griffin Firecracker 100 541962  
Sa, Jul 11 Floyd County Rome Rebel Shootout 541977  
Sa, Jul 11 Okefenokee Folkston Firecracker Shoot 542205  
Su, Jul 12 Cherokee Rose Griffin Georgia Games Shotgun Championships 541963  
Sa, Jul 18 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Beat the Heat Shoot 542217  
Sa, Jul 18 Southwind Valdosta Southwind Heat Shoot 542395  
Su, Jul 19 The Meadows Forsyth Registered Shoot 542564  
Sa, Jul 25 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Shoot in the Shade Shoot 542383 Results
Sa, Jul 25 Olympia Bend Valdosta Summer Showdown 542358  
Sa, Jul 25 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Registered Shoot 541982  
Su, Jul 26 Ocmulgee River Macon Registered Shoot 542209 Results

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