Georgia Sporting Clays Association 2014 Schedule

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NSCA Shoot Results from 2001-2014

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Last Updated: November 24, 2014 01:07 PM

November 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Nov 01 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Harvest Invitational 538250 Results
Sa, Nov 01 Cherokee Rose Griffin November Registered Shoot 539608 Weather Canceled
Sa, Nov 08 The Meadows Forsyth

14th Annual GSCA Hall of Fame Shoot

Sa, Nov 15 Olympia Bend Valdosta Duck Season Opener 539695  
Sa, Nov 15 Elbert County Elberton Turkey Trot 538256 Results
Sa, Nov 22 Forest City Savannah Thanksgiving Shoot Out 538265 Results
Sa, Nov 22 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Gobbler Shoot 538272 Results
Sa, Nov 29 Olympia Bend Valdosta Gobbler Open 540511 Program


December 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Dec 06 Cherokee Rose Griffin December Registered Tournament 539609  
Su, Dec 07 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 539696  
Sa, Dec 13 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 540512  
Sa, Dec 20     Open Date    
Sa, Dec 27     Open Date    

2015  Georgia Major Shoot Dates

Tu-Su Mar 3-8 Broadfield Sporting Club Woodbine




Fr-Su Jun 18-21 Big Red Oak Gay 2015 Georgia State Championships
and 2015 National FITASC
Mo-Su Jun 22-28 Northbrook Sports Club Hainesville, IL




Th-Su Aug 6-9 Big Red Oak Gay 2015 Southeast Regional Championships    
Sa-Su Oct 17-25 National Shooting Complex San Antonio, TX 2015 Nationals   Registration Info

Winscore Registration


January 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jan 04 Foxhall Resort Douglasville New Year New Gear 538266  
Sa-Su, Jan 04 & 05 Okefenokee Folkston Winter Open 538273  
Sa, Jan 11 Cherokee Rose Griffin Winter Blast 539595 Weather Canceled
Su, Jan 12 The Meadows Forsyth Winter Fun Shoot 538750  
Sa, Jan 18 Olympia Bend Valdosta January New year Kick-Off 539686  
Mo, Jan 20 Floyd County Rome Monday Kick-Off 538257  
Sa, Jan 25 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville January Thaw Clays Shoot 538289  

February 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Feb 01 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Mid-Winter Shoot 538281  
Sa- Feb 01 Okefenokee Folkston Valentine Shoot 538274  
Sa, Feb 08 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville February Made Me Shiver Shoot 538290  
Sa, Feb 08 The Meadows Forsyth Valentine Fun Shoot 538751  
Sa, Feb 15 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 539687  
Sa, Feb 15 Cherokee Rose Griffin Cupid Come Back 539596  
Sa, Feb 22 Elbert County Elberton Cabin Fever Break-Out 538251  

March 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Mar 01 The Meadows Forsyth Forsythia Festival Fun Shoot 538752  
Sa, Mar 01 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville March Fun Shoot 538291  
Sa- Mar 01 Okefenokee Folkston Turkey Season Opener 538275  
Sa, Mar 08 Elbert County Elberton NWTF Pre-Season Clays 538252  
Sa, Mar 08 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Spring Days/Broken Clays 538267  
Sa, Mar 08 Olympia Bend Valdosta March Registered 200 Shoot 539688  
Sa, Mar 15 Cherokee Rose Griffin Anniversary Blast   539597  
Sa, Mar 15 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany 2014 Spring Shoot,
First NSCA Registered Shoot
Sa, Mar 15 Forest City Savannah St. Patty's Blast 538261  
Sa, Mar 22 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta March Madness 538282  
Sa, Mar 22 Floyd County Rome North Georgia Challenge 538258  
Sa, Mar 29 Big Red Oak Gay Spring Bird Blast 538238  
Sa, Mar 29 Bay Gall Garfield BA Gator Tail Classic 540240  
Su, Mar 30 Cherokee Rose Griffin Spring Fling 100 539598  

April 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Apr 05 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville April No Fool's Shoot 538292  
Sa, Apr 05 The Meadows Forsyth Relay For Life Sporting Clays Challenge 538753  
Sa, Apr 05 Okefenokee Folkston Georgia State Warm-up 538276 Canceled
Apr 10-13, 2014 Nashville Gun Club Nashville, TN 2014 Southeastern Regionals 538021  
Sa, Apr 12 Big Red Oak Gay Quail Season Closer  538239  
Sa, Apr 12 Olympia Bend Valdosta April Registered 200 Shoot 539689  
Fr-Su, Apr 18-20 Cherokee Rose Griffin Pending Shoot 539599 Canceled
Sa, Apr 19 Forest City Savannah April Showers 100 X 100 538262  
Fr, Apr 25 Burge Plantation Mansfield 7th Annual Shoot for Conservation 540476  
Sa, Apr 26 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Foxhall Invitational 538268  
Sa, Apr 26 Southwind Valdosta On the Way to State 100 X 100  Photo's 538645


Sa, Apr 26 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Last Chance Before State Shoot! 538283  
Su, Apr 27 Olympia Bend Valdosta State Shoot Prep100 540397  

May 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Fr-Su, May 2-4 Okefenokee Sporting Clays Folkston, GA

2014 Georgia Sporting Clays Championships

Click for full size 2014 Georgia State Pin!

Sa, May 10 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Po Boy Shoot 538245  
Sa, May 10 The Meadows Forsyth 5th Annual Peter Crabtree and "Bud" Memorial Shoot 538754  
Su, May 11 Olympia Bend Valdosta State Shoot Cool Down 540398  
Sa, May 17 Southwind Valdosta May Clayz 538646  
Sa, May 17 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Before It Gets Too Hot Shoot 538284  
Sa, May 24 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Memorial Weekend Shoot 538293  
Sa, May 24 Cherokee Rose Griffin May Registered Shoot 539600 Canceled
Sa, May 31 Olympia Bend Valdosta Summer Shoot 200 540396  
Sa, May 31 Cherokee Rose Griffin Friends of NRA Shoot 539601  

June 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Jun 2-8, 2014 Claythorne Lodge Columbus, KS

Sa, Jun 07 Cherokee Rose Griffin

June Bug Blast 100

Sa, Jun 07 Southwind Valdosta Sandy Road Shoot 538647  
Sa, Jun 14 Elbert County Elberton Father's Day Fest 538253  
Sa, Jun 14 The Meadows Forsyth NWTF Warm-Up  538755  
Sa, Jun 14 Olympia Bend Valdosta 200x200 Registered Shoot 539690  
Su, Jun 15 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Father's Day 538269  
Sa, Jun 21 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Summer Slam 538246  
Sa, Jun 21 Big Red Oak Gay Peach Harvest Shoot 538240  
Sa, Jun 28 Elbert County Elberton Turkey Shoot Warm-up 538254  
Sa, Jun 28 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Summer Fun Shoot 538294  
Sa-Su, Jun 28-29 Forest City Savannah SCTP State Championships 538263  

July 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jul 05 Cherokee Rose Griffin Firecracker Fun Shoot 539603  
Sa, Jul 12 Floyd County Rome Rebel Shootout 538259  
Sa, Jul 12 Okefenokee Folkston Firecracker Shoot 538278  
Su, Jul 13 Cherokee Rose Griffin Georgia Games Shotgun Championships 539604  
Sa, Jul 19 Big Red Oak Gay Summer Shootout 2014 538241  
Sa, Jul 19 Southwind Valdosta Southwind Heat Shoot 538648  
Sa, Jul 26 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Sizzlin' Summer Shoot 538295  
Sa, Jul 26 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 539691  
Sa, Jul 26 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Slinging Pink Targets for Breast Cancer Awareness 538285  
Su, Jul 27 Ocmulgee River Macon Registered Shoot 540580  

August 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Aug 02 Southwind Valdosta Heat Wave  538649  
Sa, Aug 02 Cherokee Rose Griffin NWTF Warm-Up 539605  
Sa, Aug 09 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Dog Days of Summer Shoot 538296  
Sa, Aug 09 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Dog Days Shoot 538247  
Sa, Aug 09 Okefenokee Folkston Heat Wave Shoot 538279  
Sa, Aug 09 Elbert County Elberton Big Bird Bang 538255  
Fr-Su Aug 15-17 The Meadows Forsyth

Sa, Aug 23 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Dove Warm-Up 538286  
Sa, Aug 23 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 539692  
Sa, Aug 30 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Summer's Last Shot 538270  
Su, Aug 31 Olympia Bend Valdosta True Pair Sunday! 540509  

September 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Sep 06 Cherokee Rose Griffin

September Registered Shoot

Fr-Su, Sep 12-14 Big Red Oak Gay Georgia Cup--FITASC in the Field 538242  
Sa, Sep 13 Okefenokee Folkston Hunting Season Opener 538280  
Sa, Sep 20 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 200 Bird 539693  
Sa, Sep 20 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Welcome Fall Shoot 538287  
Sa, Sep 20 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville End of Summer Shoot 538297  
Sa, Sep 27 The Meadows Forsyth

Ronald McDonald House Shoot

Sa, Sep 27 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany

ALS 10th Annual Benefit Shoot

Su, Sep 28 Southwind Valdosta Fall Fury 538650  

October 2014

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Oct 04 Cherokee Rose Griffin October Registered Shoot 539607  
Su, Oct 05 Olympia Bend Valdosta Fall 100 Sunday Shoot 540510  
Sa, Oct 11 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Autumn Shoot 538288  
Sa, Oct 11 Big Red Oak Gay Wild Game Cook-out and Sporting Clays 538243  
Sa, Oct 18 The Meadows Forsyth

Shrine 8th Annual Sporting Clays Tournament

Sa, Oct 18 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Falling Leaves Fun Shoot 538298  
Sa, Oct 18 Olympia Bend Valdosta Registered Shoot 539694  
Oct 18-26, 2014 National Shooting Complex San Antonio, TX

2014 National Championships

Sa, Oct 25 Forest City Savannah Haunted 200 538264  
Sa, Oct 25 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Fall Classic 538271  

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