Georgia Sporting Clays Association 2017 Schedule

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NSCA Shoot Results from 2001-2017

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Last Updated: February 21, 2017 01:46 PM


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February 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Fr-Sa, Feb 03-04 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville February Made Me Shiver Shoot 546715


Sa, Feb 04 Okefenokee Folkston Valentine Shoot 546745  
Su, Feb 05 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Foxhall Winter Shoot 547314


Sa, Feb 11 Olympia Bend Valdosta The Road South 546767


Sa, Feb 11 Garland Mountain Waleska And the Winners are....... Shoot 547307


Sa, Feb 11 Big Red Oak Gay Sweetheart Shoot 546753


Sa, Feb 18 Elbert County Elberton Cabin Fever Break-Out 546705


Sa, Feb 18 Meadows Forsyth Valentine's Fun Shoot 546727 Results
Sa, Feb 18 Forest City Savannah Seminole Warm Up 547843 Results
Su, Feb 19 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring is around the Corner Shoot 546768


Fr-Sa, Feb 24-25 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Seminole Warm Up Shoot 546716 Program


March 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
We Mar 1-Su Mar 5 Broadfield Sporting Club Woodbine

546788 Registration


Sa, Mar 04 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Spring Days Broken Clays 547315 Program


Sa, Mar 11 Okefenokee Folkston Turkey Season Opener 546746 Canceled
Su, Mar 12 Meadows Forsyth March Fun Shoot 546728  
Sa, Mar 18 Forest City Savannah St. Patty's Blast 546738 .
Sa, Mar 18 Floyd County Rome North Georgia Challenge 546762 .
Sa, Mar 18 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta March Madness 546805 Program
Sa, Mar 18 Olympia Bend Valdosta Seminole Cup Cool Down 546769

Su, Mar 19 Elbert County Elberton Pre-Season Clays 546706  
Su, Mar 19 Big Red Oak Gay Spring Bird Blast 546754  
Mar 23-26 Coyote Springs Tucson, AZ Western Regional & NA FITASC 546499 Registration


Fr-Sa Mar 24-25 Garland Mountain Waleska March Shoot 546791  
Sa, Mar 25 BayGall Garfield Shootin' the Breeze at BayGall 546760  

April 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Apr 01 Okefenokee Folkston Georgia State Warm Up 546747 Canceled
Sa, Apr 01 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville April Showers Shoot 546717  
Sa, Apr 08 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shootout Round 1 546770  
Sa, Apr 08 Big Red Oak Gay Quail Season Closer  546755  
Sa, Apr 15 Garland Mountain Waleska April Shoot 546792  
Sa, Apr 22 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Double Trouble 546806  
Sa, Apr 22 Southwind Valdosta On the Way to State 547300  
Sa, Apr 22 Noontootla Creek Farms Blue Ridge April Shoot 546785 Program


Su, Apr 23 Meadows Forsyth Spring Fun Shoot 546729  
Su, Apr 23 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shootout Round 2 546771  
Sa-Su, Apr 29-30 Forest City Savannah SCTP Southeast Regionals 546739  
Sa, Apr 29 Elbert County Elberton Spring Challenge 546707  
Sa, Apr 29 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany 2017 Spring Shoot 548061  

May 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, May 06 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shootout Round 3 546772  
Sa, May 13 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta May Shoot and Fire Truck FITASC 546807  
Sa, May 13 Southwind Valdosta May Clayz 547301  
Sa- May 13 Garland Mountain Waleska May Shoot 546790  
Sa- May 13 Okefenokee Folkston This "May" Be Your Day Shoot 546748  
May 17-21 M&M Sporting Clays Pennsville, NJ Northeast Regional 546837 Registration
Sa, May 20 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Pre-Memorial Weekend Shoot 546718  
Sa, May 20 Forest City Savannah Registered Shoot 546740  
Sa, May 20 Elbert County Elberton Granite Open 546708  
Fr-Su May 26- 28 Meadows Forsyth

546730 Program & Registration


Sa. May 27 Floyd County Rome Legend Hollow Open 546763  
Su, May 28 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shoot Out Round 4 546773  

June 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jun 03 Southwind Valdosta Sandy Road Shoot 547302  
Sa, Jun 03 Meadows Forsyth

US Open Warm-Up

Sa-Su Jun 03-04 Forest City Savannah GA State SCTP Championship (Closed Shoot) 546741  
Mo Jun 5-Su Jun 11 Big Red Oak Gay

545106 Info



Sa, Jun 17 Olympia Bend Valdosta Spring Shootout Championship 546774  
Sa, Jun 17 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Warm Up to Win 547316  
Sa, Jun 17 Noontootla Creek Farms Blue Ridge June Shoot 546786 Program


Su, Jun 18 Elbert County Elberton Georgia State Shoot Warm-Up 546709  
Sa, Jun 24 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Registered Shoot 546719  
Su, Jun 25 Garland Mountain Waleska June Shoot 546793  
Th Jun 29-Su, Jul 2 Meadows Forsyth 546292

Program and Registration


July 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Jul 08 Okefenokee Folkston Firecracker Shoot 546749  
Sa, Jul 08 Floyd County Rome Rebel Shootout 546764  
Sa, Jul 15 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Beat the Heat Shoot 547317  
Sa, Jul 15 Southwind Valdosta Southwind Heat Shoot 547303  
Sa, Jul 22 Olympia Bend Valdosta Summer Showdown 546775  
Sa, Jul 22 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta July Hot Shoot 546808  
Sa, Jul 22 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Shoot in the Shade Shoot 546720  
Su, Jul 23 Ocmulgee River Macon Registered Shoot 546863  
Sa-Su, Jul 29-30 Meadows Forsyth Iron Man Classic 546732  
Sa-Su, Jul 29-30 Big Red Oak Gay Iron Man Classic 546756  
Sa, Jul 29 Southwind Valdosta Super Sporting Heat Wave 547304  
Su, Jul 30 Garland Mountain Waleska July Shoot 546794  

August 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Th-Su Aug 3-6 Caribou Gun Club Le Sueur, MN North Central Regional    
Sa Aug 05 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville North Georgia Iron Man Challenge 546721  
Sa Aug 12 Meadows Forsyth

Turkey Shoot Warm-Up

Sa Aug 12 Okefenokee Folkston Heat Wave Shoot 546750  
Sa, Aug 19 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Heat 546776  
Sa, Aug 19 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Summer's Last Shoot 547318  
Sa, Aug 19 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Dove Warm-Up 546809  
Sa, Aug 26 Elbert County Elberton Easy Summer 546710  
Sa, Aug 26 Garland Mountain Waleska August Shoot 546795  
Su, Aug 27 Olympia Bend Valdosta True Pair Sunday 546777  

September 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa Sep 02     Open Date    
We-Su Sep 6-10 Providence Hill Farm Jackson, MS South Central Regional   Program
Sa, Sep 09 Okefenokee Folkston Hunting Season Opener 546751  
Fr-Su, Sep 15-17 Big Red Oak Gay

 Georgia Cup

Sa, Sep 16 Elbert County Elberton Big Bird Bang 546711  
Sa, Sep 23 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Pre-Quail Season Fun Shoot 546722  
Sa, Sep 23 Meadows Forsyth Southeast Regional Warm-Up 546734  
Sa, Sep 23 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Thunder Series Round 1 546778  
Su, Sep 24 Southwind Valdosta Fall Fun 547305  
Sep 27-Oct 1, 2017 The Fork Norwood, NC 2017 Southeast Regional 546287 Registration
Sa, Sep 30 Garland Mountain Waleska September Shoot 546796  

October 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Oct 07 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Thunder Series Round 2      546779  
Sa, Oct 07 Big Red Oak Gay Wild Game Cook-out and Sporting Clays 546758  
Sa, Oct 07 Noontootla Creek Farms Blue Ridge Registered Shoot 546787  
Sa, Oct 14 Forest City Savannah Nationals Warm-Up 546742  
Sa, Oct 14 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Finally Fall Clays Shoot 546723  
Sa, Oct 14 Meadows Forsyth

Fall Fun Shoot

Su, Oct 15 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Thunder Series Round 3  546780  
Sa, Oct 21 Elbert County Elberton Fall Pheasants 546712  
Sa, Oct 21-Su, 29 Oct National Shooting Center San Antonio, TX 2017 Nationals 545958 Registration
Sa, Oct 28 Garland Mountain Waleska October Shoot 546797  

November 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Nov 04     Open Date    
Sa, Nov 11 Elbert County Elberton Turkey Trot 546713  
Sa, Nov 11 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville Falling Leaf Clay Shoot 546724  
Sa, Nov 11 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Thunder Series Round 4 546781  
Sa, Nov 11 Meadows Forsyth

16th Annual GSCA Hall of Fame Shoot

Sa, Nov 18 Foxhall Resort Douglasville Gobbler Shoot 547319  
Sa, Nov 18 Flint Skeet and Trap Albany Harvest Invitational 548062  
Sa, Nov 25 Olympia Bend Valdosta Southern Thunder Series Championship 546782  
Sa, Nov 25 Garland Mountain Waleska November Shoot 546798  

December 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Sa, Dec 02 Big Red Oak Gay Winter Fun Shoot 546759  
Sa, Dec 09 Olympia Bend Valdosta December Open 546783  
Su, Dec 10 Meadows Forsyth December Fun Shoot 546737  
Sa, Dec 16 Olympia Bend Valdosta NSCA Season Closer 546784  
Sa, Dec 16 Forest City Savannah Registered Shoot 546743  
Sa, Dec 23     Open Date    
Sa, Dec 30 Garland Mountain Waleska December Shoot 546799  

2018 Major Events

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info

January 2017

Day and Date Club City Title NSCA Number Info
Su Jan 01 Big Red Oak Gay Happy New Year Shoot 546752  
Sa, Jan 07 Olympia Bend Valdosta NSCA Season Opener 546765  
Sa, Jan 07 Meadows Forsyth NWTF Meadows Sporting Clays Classic 546725  
Sa, Jan 14 Okefenokee Folkston Okefenokee Winter Open 546744  
Mo, Jan 16 Floyd County Rome Monday Kick-Off 546761  
Sa, Jan 21 SpringBank Sporting Club Adairsville January Thaw Clays Shoot 546714  
Su, Jan 22 Olympia Bend Valdosta Blast the Cold! 546766 Canceled
Sa, Jan 28 Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Wintertime Shoot 546804  
Sa, Jan 28 Garland Mountain Waleska Chili Winter Warm Up 546789  
Su, Jan 29 Meadows Forsyth Winter Fun Shoot 546726  

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