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July 8, 2020

Registered Shoots  Just one registered shoot this weekend and it is the Rebel Shootout at Floyd County near Rome, GA. The shoot is scheduled for Saturday, July 11, 2020. Floyd County is offering 100 targets on the Red and Blue courses. This shoot should have a good turnout as it is the only registered shoot this weekend and attendance at Floyd County has been increasing recently.

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12, Su Advanced Bullets Temple Sporting Clays, Rain or Shine Program
12, Su Big Red Oak Gay Georgia Games Program
18, Sa Garland Mountain Waleska Social Shooting Club Event Program
July Big Red Oak Gay Current Newsletter Newsletter
July Garland Mountain Waleska Current Newsletter Newsletter
July 1 Old Hudson Sparta Current Newsletter Newsletter
Talk around GSCA ● In case you are wondering, Southwind has canceled their July 12 Shoot as they will be at the SCTP Nationals with their ABAC and Southwind teams. Good luck to them and all the SCTP teams from Georgia headed up north for this shoot! I count around 150 shooters from Georgia. You can follow the results here.
●  Saw it on the internet, a club advertising a Shoot for Punches. The out of state club is offering nine 50 target events, and a 100 target event.  I'm wondering how that would play out here in Georgia?  It might be worth a try for a club to offer it.
●  Big Red Oak pulled a large crowd of shooters over last weekend with 85 on the Quail Course and 84 on the Pheasant Course. All classes were well represented except "A" class which only had 3 entries in each event. We need more "A" class shooters to show up or more "B" class shooters to punch up! Anyway, nice event!
●  GSCA uses Constant Contact for our weekly Newsletter and sometimes announcements that must be made immediately. Constant Contact calls each one of these a Campaign and we had 65 campaigns in the last year. We sent a total of 134,378 Newsletters (figure the postage, printing and handling on that number) over the year and 64% of those were opened with mobile devices and 36% were opened on desktop computers. The most heavily read was the June 19, 2019 issue.
  That issue was all about the 2019 state shoot results. Other widely read issues are changes in clubs such as closures, openings or changes in management. Still other widely read issues have dealt with deaths in GSCA.
  Our mailing list is just over 2,600 addresses and it varies as shooters drop off and new ones sign up. Of course, not everyone reads the Newsletter in this busy world.
  The following are the shooters who opened the Newsletter the most: Richard Bevis, Ron Wood, Colin Root and Larry Farrow. Thanks to these loyal fans!

 Regards, John

John F. Letsinger


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