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September 23, 2020

Registered Shoots  ● No registered shoots on the schedule for this weekend but stay tuned for two the first weekend in October. Check out the non registered shoots below.

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All NSSA Crossfire members and Hunters are welcome at our registered NSCA shoots!

Non-Registered Events-----September 2020

20-24, Su-Th Big Red Oak Gay Lessons by Wendell Cherry
Book at (512) 771-4982
26, Sa

Bay Gall

Garfield Pull for Kids Program
26, Sa Elbert County Elberton Social Shooting Club Event Program
26, Sa Old Hudson Sparta Shoot for Seth Program
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September Old Hudson Sparta Current Newsletter Newsletter
Talk around GSCA
●  September 23, 2020
From the desk of The President:
Dear Shooters:
As we mentioned at The GSCA State Shoot at The Meadows in June, a new event is being planned for next year.
We received bids from several clubs, and the Board of Directors awarded the GSCA State FITASC Championship to Old Hudson Plantation in Sparta, GA. The event is scheduled for Thursday, Click to put on your Google Calendar.September 16, 2021 through Sunday, September 19, 2021. The main event will be a 200 target FITASC Event with several side events. Those include a Prelim, 5-stand, sporting, super sporting, and sub-gauge FITASC.
This event will become an annual event on the GSCA’s calendar going forward. The Board looks forward to your participation.
See you on the course.
Harvey T. Schwartz, President
Georgia Sporting Clays Association

It is with regret that I announce the passing of one of GSCA finest. Beverly Gregory has passed and will be missed by all who knew her. Click on the picture for the full size. Here is a tribute from her sister: My heart can be no heavier… My sister Beverly Gregory passed away unexpectedly and peacefully last weekend in her home from organic heart disease.
I so very much appreciate all the Facebook tributes, comments and photos on Bev’s Facebook page, her friends and colleagues have truly captured what a loving, generous, competitive, spirited, compassionate, adventurous and profession dedicated woman she was, and how deep friendships were made.
Beverly was my only sister. The sibs order goes Paul, Beverly, Bruce, Evelyn. Bev and I shared a bedroom growing up, and we were very close all the way to now. We traveled a bit and enjoyed several beautiful national parks out west and Spruce Knob in the Monongahela National Forest, Hawaii Panama and Belize. We chased total solar eclipses in Greece, Fiji, Wyoming, and Chile with dear friend Denny Morse and wife Bonita. Our last trip was this past January to Scottsdale AZ. This year’s travel plans were going to be rescheduled to next year or when it was safe to travel due to the Covid situation.
I miss my sister so much and her infectious laugh and our joking around on the phone.
The photo here is the last birthday card she sent to me in July
I will post more at another time. This is still just so difficult to get my head around right now.
Thank you so much to my personal friends, work friends and CERT family friends who have reached out to me…
A celebration of life service for Bev will occur but we do not yet know when. Take care of yourselves and each other
 The registered shoot last weekend at Cherokee Rose looked to be setting a new shoot record for a normal weekend shoot with 117 entries. The present record is 115 entries also at Cherokee Rose.
  However, the 117 entries included 7 Hunter class entries which don't count as registered shooters. As it turned out, several shooters were no shows, so the record was not broken. 115 entries at the June 7, 2020 is still the record.

 Regards, John

John F. Letsinger



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