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February 13, 2019

Registered Shoots  There are 4 registered shoots on the schedule for this coming weekend starting on Friday, February 15. The first shoot is the I Heart Clays shoot at Garland Mountain near Waleska, GA. The shoot begins on Friday, February 15 and continues onto Saturday February 16. 100 targets on either course, shoot one or both. Take a break between course and have a course offered on the Chef's Chili Buffet.
  The second shoot of the weekend is the Valentine's Fun Shoot at the Meadows. Three days of targets starting on Friday, February 15 and continuing through Sunday. The shoot consists of 100 sporting targets and a 100 target Super Sporting event. Shoot one or both. Interesting note, scores will not be posted until all shooting is completed.
  Lunch is available as well as a daily payout on the Make A Break. This is also a Points Race shoot.
  The third shoot of the weekend is the Cabin Fever Breakout at Elbert County near Elberton, GA. The shoot is on Saturday February 16 and consists of a 100 target main event and a 100 target Fun Shoot, both NSCA registered. Shoot one or both, and lunch is included in your main event entry fee.
  The fourth and final shoot of the weekend is the Spring is around the Corner Shoot at Olympia Bend near Valdosta, GA. The shoot is a 100 target event on Sunday afternoon February 17. A great chance to try out Jake Wisenbaker set targets.

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Non-Registered Events-----February 2019

14 Th

16 & 23  Sa Cherokee Rose Griffin This deal applies on Saturday's only! Program
23 Sa Southwind Valdosta 20th Annual Children's Advocacy Center Clay Shoot Program
23 Sa Ocmulgee River Macon Zaltana Sporting Clay Shoot Program
Talk around GSCA  ● Regarding last week's story about GSCA and the NFL Alumni, Dennis Sweat also helped out on a station and Jeff Akers helped with registration. I would like to retract my statement that Charlton Heston, President of the NRA at the time, was riding in a golf cart. Two other folks that were there and actually saw him stated that he was riding in a SUV.
●  NSCA announced that Georgia has six new Life Members. They are Trey Graham, Phil McEntyre, Timothy V. Owens, Walter Shealy, Levi A. Singletary and Lester Spires.
●  Jon Kent at Broadfield announced that the 2020 Seminole Cup would be from March 4 through March 8, 2020. You have over a year to get ready! Click on the icon on the left to add the date to your Google calendar.
●  NSCA has announced some changes to the World Cup and Gran Prix events and the Meadows is a beneficiary of that change. The Meadows has gained the Trident Cup FITASC Championships on a date to be announced. You can see details of the changes here. If I was a guessing man I would pick the dates of May 2-5, 2019. Late Breaking: NSCA has confirmed these dates.
● After being off the GSCA registered shoot schedule for several years Etowah Valley near Dawsonville added 3 shoots to our schedule. Welcome back!

Regards, John

John F. Letsinger


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