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December 4, 2019

Registered Shoot  Just one registered shoot on the schedule this weekend as Etowah Valley has canceled their shoot. The remaining shoot is the December Fun Shoot at the Meadows near Forsyth, GA. The shoot is on Saturday and Sunday, December 7 and 8, 2019.  This is also the last Points Race shoot for 2019.
  The shoot consists of 100 targets on the Blue and Red courses, shoot one or both. Lunch is available.

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All NSSA Crossfire members and Hunters are welcome at our registered NSCA shoots!

Non-Registered Events-----December 2019

All Month Garland Mountain Waleska Specials during December Flyer
6-8, Fr-Su Meadows Gun Club Forsyth Kevin DeMichiel Lessons Program
15 Su Advanced Bullets Temple Sporting Clays, Rain or Shine Program
Talk around GSCA  ● Have you tried the new Skeet Universal? I think it should be called 5-stand Skeet but Universal is what FITASC calls it. The idea behind 5-stand skeet is to move a lot of shooters through quickly and to put a new spin on skeet.
  I shot it last Saturday at Flint Skeet and Trap here in Albany. Flint has their 5-stand situated on a skeet range with a trap range superimposed on it. The 5-stand skeet was easy to set up as you set the skeet targets like they normally would be. Then the shooters stand behind 5 stand station 1 and you are ready to go. Each shooter gets a single, then a report pair and finally a true pair.
  You shoot all the targets from stands 1 and 2 with high house first. On the 3rd stand you get a choice. From stands 4 and 5 you shoot low house first. We deviated a little since on the third stand as we did not have a phono puller and we let the shooter decide on the report to shoot high house first or low house. The true pair on this station is high house first.
  Stands 4 and 5 are low house first on the targets.
  It is recommended that one shooter begin on stand one and as soon as they finish the true pair, immediately move to stand 2, a new shooter rotates in on 1. Then the shooter on stand 2 starts the menu again. This works well with a lot of shooters waiting to get in, but since there were only 2 of us, we used the normal 5 stand rotation method.
● Broadfield is reporting that they have nearly 400 shooters registered in the Seminole Cup and will be drawing soon for a free entry in one of the events. The shoot is scheduled for February 26 through March 1, 2020. If you haven't already, you can register here.
● Clubs, NSCA shoot numbers are now listed on the NSCA web site for 2020 if you have paid your NSCA club dues for 2020.

 Regards, John

John F. Letsinger


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