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June 19, 2019

Registered Shoot  Just one registered shoot this weekend and it begins on Friday, June 21 and continues through Saturday. It is the After State Fun Shoot at the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort near Adairsville, GA. The shoot consists of 100 targets on the Mine and Rock courses. You can re-enter on the Mine course. Shoot all of it in one day or come back on Saturday to shoot the other course.

Ask about the free 1 year NSCA membership program!
All NSSA Crossfire members and Hunters are welcome at our registered NSCA shoots!

Non-Registered Events-----June 2019

  Big Red Oak Gay Members Target and Cart Offer Offer
19-26 Fr-Su Big Red Oak Gay Wendell Cherry Lessons Call 512-771-4982  
29 Sa Old Hudson Plantation Sparta Summer Social Fun Shoot Program
Talk around GSCA  ● Time to catch you up on the 2019 Georgia State Championships. The 2020 State Championships will be at the Meadows near Forsyth, GA on June 18-21, 2020 and it is on Father's Day.

  Our friend Mike Benton from Alabama was HOA in the main event at the Georgia State Championships winning the shoot-off against Will Hinton. Will had the highest score among Georgia competitors and continued his reign as the Georgia State Champion.

Melanie Parker was inducted into the GSCA Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

Edwin Purcell
won the John Letsinger Service award for the outstanding design of the state pin and his main event entry was paid for by the GSCA. Edwin won over the other 2 good  choices in an GSCA vote.

Saturday night dinner was sponsored by du Pont/Krieghoff and the GSCA.

Dick Phillips Invitational shoot out had a tremendous turnout.
Over $3,000 was raised from the enthusiastic crowd which was split between Juniors, Sub-Juniors, and Ladies. Alexis Eidson competing in the Ladies event ran the first six pairs to win the Ladies division first prize.
  Trent Coleman took the Sub-Junior title.
  Sorry, I don't have the name of the Junior winner. If you were the winner, please contact me.

The GSCA Board election results were announced with Harvey Schwartz continuing as GSCA President (outstanding job),  Jon Kent as the Club Representative and a newcomer to the Board, Sammy Mc Faddin, DVM.  They will be on the Board until 2022.

 A big thank you to the staff at Big Red Oak for all the work they put into this shoot to make it a success.

Another large event last weekend was the North Central Regional's at Claythorne Lodge in Kansas. They had 536 attendees and Kevin DeMichiel took M3 in the Main event, M6 in the Freedom Cup and M6 in the Kolar Classic and finally, M5 in the White Flyer All Around.

Saw it on the Internet  Tift Shotgun Team

Georgia Shooting Stars
 BIG RED OAK PLANTATION, GAY, GA, 503 Attended, 434 in Main Event
Contributed by Dennis Sweat


Will Hinton RU, GA State Champion

Clint Hinton M3

Tommy Royal M4

Brice Grantham M8

Jasper Copelan M9

John McCrary M10

Baylor Garland AA2

Jon Kent AA3

Gregg Long AA4

Hugh Smith AA5

Austin Cagle A1

Brian Graham A2

Rickey Coleman A4

Hayden Floyd A5

Chase Crutchfield A6

Graham Eubanks B1

Grant Humphries B2

Trent Coleman B4

Dawson Williams B5

Mitchell Kent B6

Rodney Dykes C1

Heath Stille C2

Wyatt Hargrove C3

Christophe McKee C4

Ben Lowe C5

Owen Thomas D1

Joseph Keith D2

Nathan Hyde D3

Drake Byrd D4

William Morrison D5

Maxwell J. Owen E1

Neil Marshall E2

James Frank E3

Zachary Larson E4

Marlee McCoy E5


Morgan Goette LADY CH

Camryn MCCraney LADY RU

Alexis Eidson LADY 3rd

Austin Cagle SUB-JR CH

Hayden Floyd SUB-JR RU

Owen Thomas SUB-JR 3rd

Brice Grantham JR CH

Jasper Copelan JR RU

Brock Allen JR 3rd

David Tribble VET CH

Malcolm Parker VET RU

Alex Sumner VET 3rd

Ronnie Cail SVET CH

Edwin Wahlen SVET RU

Harvey L. Mullins SVET 3rd

Ronald Wood SSVET CH

Comer Butler SSVET RU

Nicholas Clements SSVET 3rd


David Tribble RU, Georgia Champ

Andrew Weiche M1

Kelby Seanor M4

Tommy Royal M5

Jay Heap AA1

Steve Barbaree AA3

Eric Peaslee AA4

Marcelo Oliveira A1

Austin Cagle A2

Bo Grimes A3

Jimmy Gill B1

Mitchell Kent B2

Dawson Williams B3

Jay Thompson C1

Christophe McKee C2

Heath Stille C3

Landon De Loach D1

Tyler Perry D3

David Clymer E1

James Frank E2

Robert Willard E3


Randy Ryan CH

Alex Ryan Clark RU

Alex Sumner M3

James French A1

Don Clark A2

John Bell B1

Steve Powell C1

Douglas Bridges C2

Charles Fear D1

Terry Murray E1


Alex Sumner CH

Malcolm Parker M1

Phil Lukert AA2

Ronald Kelley B2

Steve Powell C1

Victoria Powell C2

Charles Fear D1

David Clymer E1


Clint Hinton HOA

Baylor Garland AA1

Chris Foskey A1

Austin Cagle A2

Bryce Daniel A3

Lance Durrence B2

Colby Watkins B3

Emily Purvis C3

Nathan Hyde D1

Nathan Porter D2

Drake Byrd D3

Neil Marshall E1

Leigh Baumann E2


Clint Hinton CH

Robbie Purser M1

Ronnie Cail M2

Jasper Copelan M3

Morgan Goette AA2

Rickey Coleman A1

Austin Cagle A3

Graham Eubanks B1

Stanley Lenchner B2

Joseph Keith D1

Cameron Bedsole D2

Carolyn Phillips D3

Zachary Larson E1

Maxwell J. Owen E2

Dick Burch D3


Clint Hinton M1

Todd Simmons M2

Baylor Garland AA2

Mukund Cadambi A1

Boria Condrey A2

Cody Curtis A3

Graham Eubanks B1

Wyatt Hargrove C2

Christophe McKee C3

Joseph Keith D1

Landon DeLoach D2

William Morrison D3

Neil Marshall E1

Jesse Lewis E2


Ronnie Futo CH

Alex Sumner M3

Clint Hinton M4

John Black AA2

Robby Montgomery AA3

Taylor McCoy A3

Ronald Kelley B1

Douglas Bridges C1

Mel Richardson D1

Lenora Funderburk E1


Ronnie Cail CH

Edwin Wahlen M1

Jay Heap AA1

Micah Hall A2

Scott Dickinson B1

Bill Lankford B2

Denny Dunson C1

David Bush D1

Robert Willard E1


Ronnie Futo CH

Brock Allen RU

Gary Allen AA1

David Massey B1

Steve Powell C1

Yvonne Kelley D1

Goodloe Yancey IV E1

Check with Winscore for all results.


Regards, John

John F. Letsinger


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